Fighting the battle against suicide.

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Music Video for 'Follow'

Daniel Moody wrote the song "Follow" for the film This Too Shall Pass (see below). The CC Nueva Esperanza (New Hope Church in Glenwood, AR) creative team: Gideon Garcia, Julio Zavala, and Oscar Sauceda worked together with the film's writer, Summer Moody, and lead actors, Laura Zepeda & Abraham Murguia, on a music video for the song 'Follow' to give a small visual for what the film will be about.

While this music video is not actually a clip from the film - THIS TOO SHALL PASS - it will give you a clear picture of the struggle Sophia will face at the beginning of the film and then we will dive into the healing process and how to find home.

Far More Productions H.O.P.E Team


Word of Hope by Brett Weston from the FAR MORE PRODUCTIONS H.O.P.E. TEAM 

WORD of HOPE by Founder Summer Moody from the FAR MORE PRODUCTIONS H.O.P.E. TEAM 

WORD of HOPE by Amber Erdley from the FAR MORE PRODUCTIONS H.O.P.E. TEAM 

WORD of HOPE by Melisa Glenn from the FAR MORE PRODUCTIONS H.O.P.E. TEAM 

WORD of HOPE by Melissa Moody from the FAR MORE PRODUCTIONS H.O.P.E. TEAM 

WORD of HOPE by Taryn Gaston from the Far More Productions H.O.P.E. Team 

Video Testimonies

Your stories are important to us. Sharing your story could help others and even save lives. Today we would like to introduce you to T-Kay Dillaha, the older sister to Thomas Dillaha. We introduced Thomas to you on our About Far More page under Summer's WHY story. Watch the T-Kay's Video Testimony (below) of what God has done in her life.

Public Service Announcements (PSA)

We created these PSA's to spread awareness of many things...  

  • That even people you wouldn't think consider taking their own life
  • That many people believe that they are alone in this fight
  • The Truth about what God says about His children
  • To discredit the lies that many people believe about themselves
  • That we are here to listen and help!

Check 'em out... and share!  So that others will  know that we exist and that they have someone to turn to! summer@farmoreproductions.com

This Too Shall Pass Film

This Too Shall Pass is a story of a young woman's journey from despair to hope. After experiencing betrayal and loss, Sophia, slowly learns to trust again, navigating the complicated waters of relationships and the realm of the unseen. With help coming from the most unlikely of places, Sophia begins to explore her own journey of faith. She finds herself being led down a road of restoration, healing and a love she never thought possible.
- Sara Bicker

Writer, Summer Moody, has written a script for a full length feature film to help shed light on the battle of suicide, the healing process, and finding hope through a relationship with Christ.

God has already made many divine connections to make this film a success, including Director, Tom Logan! 

About Tom Logan: Tom Logan is a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA), The Screen Actors Guild (SAG), The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), and Actors' Equality Association (AE). For Tom's Full Bio check out his IMDB page



The script has been written, we have an award winning, Hollywood Director with the Director's Guild of America, we have the cast, crew, locations, sound stages, etc... We NEED like minded people who believe in this mission to implement this film as a catalyst to end the epidemic of suicide.


Tentative Cast

The Casting process is still underway.

Please Note: all actors must read for and be approved by Producer's & Director

Also, at this moment, the film is not fully funded yet. If you would like to invest in this film click here

To be a part of this film send your resume, reel, & actor's Headshot to summer@farmoreproductions.com ! 


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